PDF Note Pro – PDF Vector Drawing + Manipulate PDFs + MPEG-4 Audio Recorder

OS X 10.10
**Please visit our website or search the iOS App Store for "PDF Note Pro" to download the iOS version, it's free!** PDF Note Pro is a groundbreaking new PDF Note Taker, Editor, Merger, Splitter, Organizer, Markup, Annotator, and MPEG-4 Audio Recorder/Player for iOS and OS X. PDF Note Pro features super easy to use PDF Editing, a revolutionary PDF Page Organizer/Manipulator, and MPEG-4 (M4A) Audio Recording/Playback with breathtaking Audio visualizer. PDF Note Pro makes it easier than ever to draw, highlight, fill out forms, annotate, manage, and organize PDFs instantly. If that still wasn't enough, PDF Note Pro not only features iCloud synchronization across all your devices - but also includes iCloud Drive* and iCloud HandOff/Continuity so you can transfer PDFs between devices seamlessly** With all these features, no PDF application in the world is a match for PDF Note Pro — never mind all the features PDF Note Pro offers; 99% of PDF applications don't even have a corresponding OS X/iOS version. Which alone makes PDF Note Pro the most valuable PDF Editor and gives you the most bang for your buck — guaranteed. Best of all, PDF Note Pro is free for iOS and only $9.99 (U.S.) for OS X! Features shared by both iOS and OS X: - Freely draw on PDFs retaining Vector information and features Vector drawing tools, keeping PDF file sizes small - Full iCloud support; Keep your PDFs in Sync across iPhone, iPad, and Mac; and with iCloud Drive, Windows PCs as well* - Record/Playback of MPEG-4 (M4A) Audio with breathtaking 3D Visualizer - Revolutionary iCloud Continuity/HandOff technology lets you start work on one device and continue on another (Mac, iPad, iPhone)** - Innovative Text Tool lets you Click/Touch to type anywhere - Cut Tool makes it easy to select content in a PDF and delete/copy/reposition copy instantly (iPad/Mac) - Insert Images/Graphics, Text, and even Web Pages (iPad/Mac) - Speech-To-Text Dictation anywhere you can type (Press Dictation key on keyboard on iOS, press “Fn” key twice on OS X) (iPad/Mac) - iCloud is completely optional — PDF Note Pro works just as well offline as online! OS X Only Features: - PDF Page Manager lets you Rearrange, Insert, Delete, and Copy PDF Pages; you can also have multiple PDF Page Managers for Merging, Splitting, and Creating PDFs — With Easy to Use Graphical/Drag-and-Drop Interface - Share a PDF with anyone in the world instantly with a Download Link to iCloud.com - PDF Reader Feature lets you sit back and read PDFs when you don't need to edit - Create and Save a Signature with TouchPad/Mouse for later use - Create and Embed QR Codes into PDFs with Text/Hyperlinks - Create and Embed Code 128 Barcodes with Text/Hyperlinks iOS Only Features: - Innovative Graphical File Manager with Natural Touch Gestures: Single Tap to Select a File, Double-Tap to Open a File, Two Finger "Pinch" to Zoom the File Manager, and Tap and Hold to Drag Files onto Folders - Photorealistic page swipe animations (swipe the vertical edge of a PDF page horizontally to go to the previous or next page) - Draw directly on Canvas with Finger or Stylus, or using Palm Rest or Magnifier Window with "Smart Shift" technology *iCloud Drive Support for Windows requires iCloud Drive install, iCloud Drive for Mac requires OS X 10.10 or later; iCloud Drive supports PDF/M4A **iCloud HandOff/Continuity requires both Bluetooth 4.0/LE and WiFi on and enabled; iCloud HandOff works with PDF only ***Large PDF Documents in the Cloud (such as large eBooks) is not recommended***