PDF to Text Super

OS X 10.6
PDF to Text Converter is a light tool for extracting text from PDF to plain text files. This tool is indeed helpful for creating full-text searchable archive database. This tool is easy to use, just add PDF files to the list, select output directory, and click "Convert Now!" button to start converting. ------------------------------------------- Key Features of Namely PDF to Text Converter Convert PDF to plain Text Namely PDF to TXT Converter can extract the text content of a textual PDF and save the text as a plain text file quickly. This feature is quite useful for archiving and indexing PDF files. Convert specified page of PDF to Text In some occasions, you do not need to convert all the pages of a PDF file to Text, so you may use the feature of page range of Namely PDF to Excel Converter. With specifying the page range, the application will only convert the pages in the range. Convert Encrypted PDF to Text Convert encrypted PDF files that are protected by owner (permission) password denying printing, editing, and copying to Text presentations. Preview source file PDF to Text Converter enables you to view source files and flip pages freely.