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Powerful PDF Password Unlocker can be used to decrypt password-protected Adobe Acrobat PDF files. It is a professional PDF tool to remove restrictions on copying, editing, and printing PDF files. And if you have the correct authorized password, you can even remove PDF Open Password on it as well. --------------------------------------------------- There are two kinds of passwords: User Password and Owner Password. User Password is also named as Open Password. It is used to protect PDF files from opening. If a PDF file is protected with a User Password, people need to enter the right password to open it. Owner Password is used to protect PDF files from copying, editing and printing. If a PDF file is protected with an Owner Password, people can read it, but cannot change it. This PDF Password Remover tool will decrypt and remove owner passwords from any PDF document. The Password Remover tool will NOT work with PDF files that have a "user password" set. --------------------------------------------------- Now Support macOS Sierra. --------------------------------------------------- Key features: Remove PDF Password and Restrictions PDF Password Remover removes restrictions on PDF printing, editing, and copying. PDF Password Remover can also remove PDF Open Password when users enter the right password. Efficient Decryption Function Support PDF format of version 1.8. Able to remove 40 and 128-bit encryption owner passwords. Able to remove AES encryption owner passwords. Efficient and Easy to Use Support decrypting up to 50 PDF files at a time. Decrypt a 500-page encrypted PDF file within 1 minute. Remove PDF restrictions in 3 simple steps: Launch – Import – Remove. Support drag-and-drop operation.