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Cisdem PDF Creator is an efficient and lightweight PDF Creating software to create PDF from ePub, Docx, PPTX, Rtf, Rtfd, CHM, TXT, Html, JPG, PNG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, TiFF, and other image files. It works well on converting Microsoft Word, PPTX, TXT, RTF, CHM, HTML, ePub and Image files into well-formatted PDF. Features of batch converting word, text, epub documents to PDF, or merging documents and image files into PDF is also added to accelerate and customize the conversion process. Main Features of Cisdem PDF Creator - Convert Word to PDF Import Word document and convert to PDF with original formatting, layout, etc. - Format Text Convert Text to well-formatted PDF and fully make use of the text contents. - Efficient HTML to PDF Converter Create PDFs from webpages to utilize web resources wisely. - Read and Share ePub Files, convert epub to PDF with ease Save ePub files in PDF format for easy reading and access on different platforms. - Make High Quality Images into PDF file Convert JPG to PDF, PNG to PDF, GIF to PDF, and other Images into PDF and rearrange images in PDF. - Batch Conversion Convert document and image files to PDF in batch. - Partial Convert document into PDF Specify single or multiple pages of a document that you need to convert into PDF format. - Process Conversion Fast Import and convert your word, epub, text, html and images into PDF fast without pause, no matter how large and complicate the files imported. - Merge PDF Merge the imported document and file in one PDF file, even in different formats instantly. - Name PDF File You are able to set the output PDF file name yourself when converting word to PDF. - Save Space The light weight PDF file size won’t take too much space on your mac. - Easy to Use Intuitive interface makes PDF conversion and creating extremely simple. Feel free to contact us directly if you need any kind of support: https://www.cisdem.com/support.html