Peekaboo: Find Hidden Fun UFO Characters

OS X 10.6
Peekaboo! Guess Who? Seven cutest alien characters came from faraway planet to explore our beautiful Earth and play seek-and-hide game with you! The fun, intuitive game, which makes kids excited about seeking small creatures and hearing the sounds they done. This game will fascinate players as young as 2, and help them improve dexterity, color recognition, memory, and imagination and creativity, all while having fun. Features: * Find the seven small cute aliens among the trees, toys, cars, and animals! * 10 beautifully illustrated scenes: Deep Forest, Blue Lake, Country Road, Big City, Toy Shop, Evening Fields and Night Forest! Your child will explore all 10 scenes in each adventure; * Intuitive and very easy to play game interface, you baby can play without your help at all! * Hiding spots change every time you play, children will be entertained finding characters at new positions every time they play back; * Every character make their own small speech for you once you find and tap on it; * Amazing background sounds — immerse into the game and explore objects on the scene; * Enable hint mode to ease finding the characters — just tap the character's icon on the Help panel for a hint (stars will highlight the position); * Find all the characters in a scene to hear cheerful applause; * Finish the whole adventure to see the final episode of little aliens' travel story and get the invitation to a next trip; * All of the designs are very cute and sophisticated, done as always by BrightColors. About developers: Peekaboo is the sixth release of a children’s game series designed by Visualizers ( and programmed by PopAppFactory ( ). We create visually stunning and popular iPad/iPhone/Touch applications for ourselves and for our clients.