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Personal Vault is for storing sensitive information such as password to sites securely. You no longer have to use the same few passwords across many web sites. Personal Vault can generate random complex passwords which cannot be guessed! Most browsers now offer to store the login information and most of them store this information on their servers. This is a very convenient when you use different devices to connect to these sites but also makes these servers a prime target for hackers. Personal Vault encrypts and stores these information only on the device. Click on the clipboard icon to copy the value to clipboard and paste it on any application. The clipboard is automatically cleared in 30 seconds. The "Sync" functionality allows users to synchronize the data between the devices they own. Sync uses the peer to peer connectivity of iOS and Mac Desktop to discover and establish connection between devices running Personal Vault. To synchronize data between your desktop and iPhone devices 1 Launch the Personal Vault on both devices and Click on Sync 2. Click on connect to Discover devices running Personal Vault. 3. Click Invite to establish connection. 4. Accept or Reject request to connect. 5. Once established connection click on "Transfer" to push the data to the connected devices. Note that you can only push data. use the "Connect" to discover and connect. Once the connection is approved by the device data can be transferred between the devices. Data can only be pushed and not pulled from the other device. If there is a conflict between the data the users are given an opportunity to replace , skip or merge the vault item information. The free version has all the functionality but limits the number of Vault Item and number of properties per Vault item to 5.