Perspective Grid Tool – Adjust

OS X 10.11
Sometimes the angle of your pictures is not quite right. Are you looking for a quick and easy way to fix the perspective of your photos? That’s what Perspective Grid Tool - Adjust does for you. Additionally, we offer 7 additional filters for an even better looking result. With a very easy to use interface, you can correct the perspective of any image in seconds, just load your image in, drag the control points to where you want the perspective to be, and click Apply. If you’re not satisfied with the result, click reset and try again! Features: 1) Very simple and easy to use interface 2) Preprocessing filters with 8 Color options: saturation, brightness, contrast, exposure, gamma, hue, automatic color enhance and black & white effect. 3) Zoom feature: makes it easier to drag the control points to the exact spot you want them to be. 4) Saving in different formats: JPG, PNG, BMP, JPG2000 and TIFF, with multiple features when saving such as resizing, rescaling and compressing. 5) Printing your work or sharing it on social media. How to use: 1) Load your image into the app using the Open Image button. 2) Set the control points to the object you want it’ perspective fixed. When you’re done, click Apply. 3) Use the sliders and checkboxes on the right hand side to filter your image. 4) After fixing the perspective and filtering the result, click Save or the printer icon to share your result.