Photo Focus & Splash Color Pro

OS X 10.7
Add depth to your photos by focusing on a subject and adding many effects (lens blur, black and White, Classic ) to the background. Custom the effect as background for you focusing on a subject. Choose lens blur ensures that your photo will look exactly like the one you can make with a professional lense and you will become a professional photographer. Choose black and white ensures that will turn it to grayscale then choose any part of the image to restore the original color. Beautifully modify your pictures . Have 3 focus mode: lens blur , black and white , classic . ##### Focus a subject Editing ##### * You can use (Splash, Custom Focus, Ring Focus, Parallel Focus, Square Focus) five mode to focus a subject on photo. * Hold "Option" key you can change between two modes of the brush. * Splash -- Use splash principle to focusing a object. * Custom Focus -- Inside ring area full focusing, from inside ring to outside ring show gradient focusing. * Ring Focus -- If want to focusing flower , people face or other single object you can use the mode. * Parallel Focus - Parallel lines focusing. * You can Fine-tuning the filter effect from 0 - 100 . * You can zoom in photo and let your editing more fine . * The app can undo / redo for your editing . ##### Other function ##### * Crop photo . * Export photo support JPEG, JPEG-2000, PNG, BMP, TIFF, GIF format . * The app can undo / redo for your editing . Note: If you have some problems,Please send an email to . I will solve these issues as quickly as possible.