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Make movies with Ultra HD quality from your photos! Hundreds of thousands of photos can be compiled into a high-quality movie with 4K, 8K Ultra HD resolution or better - all with just a few simple clicks. photo2movie is also an extremely efficient productivity tool for making stop motion movies and animated films with a batch of photo frames. Features v2.06 - elegant preview function, you can preview your movie before even generating it; - preview function can be controlled by a slider, mouse scroll wheel, or trackpad gestures; - alphabetically sort and compile photos in a folder into a movie file; - supports .jpg and .png image formats; - custom frame rate setting: from 1 FPS to 100 FPS ( anything between 0.01 to 1 second display time per photo frame); - control the quality of your movie by preset resolutions; - movie resolution can be automatically set to the first photo’s resolution. - detailed progress indicator and frame counter; - compilation can be interrupted at any time and the already compiled parts will still be a usable movie file - 8 to 10 times faster conversion speed compared to other apps of us. v2.06 -> v2.10 - specially optimized for OS 10.10 and OS 10.11 - processing speed improved 20% or more compared with v2.06 - all deprecated functions are fixed and upgraded - tips and Q&A displaying better under lower resolution - the app is more compact in size - fix an issue of "progress indicator hidden after using interrupt stop" - color and size of app's icon are modified - more by dragonBTV updated v2.10 -> v2.50 - more efficiency running on macOS Sierra - processing speed improved - interface re-designed - app's icon changed - major option added: select movie's aspect ratio - Tip added related to Aspect Ratio Selection - Q&A updated - more by dragonBTV updated v2.50 -> v2.55 - fix auto layout issue on low-resolution devices - fix SF fonts display stretching issue on the guest account, change to system fonts - the black background of photo preview is removed - protection added while opening a corrupted picture file - all alert windows changed to the white background color v2.55 -> v2.57 - bug fixed: correct misspelling on the ​interface - startup tip modified - menu re-arranged for simplification - more by dragonBTV simplified - app size dramatically reduced - thread processing efficiency improved - performance improvements for macOS 10.13 High Sierra v2.57 -> v2.60 - MacBook Pro Touch Bar support added - a newer core for crystal clear color and processing efficiency - a cancel button added to movie file saving confirmation dialog