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3D visual thinking for creative brainstorming, problem solving, collaborative research and education. Beyond 3D mind mapping – reflecting how minds work. Thortspace diverges from conventional mind-mapping and concept-mapping software in a number of ways: * Maps are structured around the surfaces of one or more spheres which are presented to the user in 3D * Map-nodes (called "thorts" in the product) can be associated in groups according to proximity, as well as connected by paths * Paths can be made to connect thort to group, thort to thort, group to group, thort to sphere, group to sphere, sphere to sphere * Multiple alternative arrangements of subsets of nodes can be stored and transitioned between * The concept of "Journeys" allows a series of viewpoints of maps in the 3D space to be visited sequentially, so as to make something of the form of a presentation * The product supports a rudimentary implementation of social networking and a newsfeed that allows users to track their own and others contributions across collaborative spheres Some of Thortspace's notable features: * Supports a consistent interface and data sharing across all major operating system platforms and devices. * 3D associative and linking structures based on spheres * Linking and association at multiple different levels of structure * Real-time collaboration * Sharing by email, social networking account, or by private link * 1-click publishing to the web * Thorts can contain images, URL links, and be colour coded in multiple alternative categorizations * Thortspace is designed to support: (1) experimental multi-perspectival reflection and play, (2) the creation of chunks of thinking as building blocks that can be used to build thinking structures, (3) process-orientation - thortspace empowers the journey, not just the destination, (4) synthesis as well as analysis Gooisoft’s Thortspace software is subject to international copyright law (c) 2008-2018 and also international patent law with Patents Granted in USA, UK, Australia and HongKong and Patent Pending in Canada. UK Patent GB2494520 : Australia Patent 2012101951 : USA Patent No. 9,684,426 : Hong Kong Patent HK1183135 : Patent Pending Canada : Patent Application No. 2847602