Photolive PLUS

OS X 10.10
Realtime Live Updating Photo SlideShow Photolive slideshow that automatically updates with new images at full screen.Use for Wireless Transmitter or Eye-Fi or Wi-Fi Cameras. Live Updating Slideshows When new images are fly into the folder, the slideshow will automatically show the new ones. Multiple windows: In the primary window, you can control the image. In the second window, images are displayed in full screen. Filter / Transition: It has 6 types of filters and crossfade transitions.We will increase the type of filter/transition in the future. Display time adjustment: You can change the display time with the latest photos and other pictures.For example only the latest photos can be played for a long time. Most Recent Repeat: You can repeat only for the latest few images. Star Mark: Repeat playing images with checked stars. Add one watermark or logo: Ability to overlay a logo image or one line text. Hide the screen: You can hide the screen. It is useful when temporarily hiding it. Folder tab: You can switch between 3 folders. Switch folders for each shooting situation. Save Setting: Possible to save the setting. The file extension is plvx. I plan to add more functions in the future. Please notes: This product can not play videos (including GIFanimation). Please send comments and requests to the website(Submit a request button).