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This app is for registering English or other language phrases and training them. You register the phrase which is used by a conversation well or something like proverbs that you want to use (figure out reflexively when you hear it or looked). You can learn phrases effectively and exactly, using plural senses(looking/hearing/voicing/typing). [Training] - Basic : Memorize training. (It is such as a learning by a flash card) - Pronounce: Pronounce training with device dictation functionality. - Writing: Type training with keyboard. [Feature] ・Registration of the phrase image You can register an image when you register a phrase. It is shown while you train phrase, so that you can memorize phrases easily by associating phrase with image. You search images on Flicker in this App, which are the photos imaged by people in the world from the phrase. ・Registration of the phrase audio You can register an audio for a phrase by recording with your Mac default microphone or using an audio file. ・Hear phrases You can hear the phrase when you train.(It is the computer-generated simulation of human speech.) Therefore you can learn precise pronunciation. ・Pronunciation training using the voice recognition You can learn precise pronunciation as you voice a phrase and see unrecognized words. The first unrecognized word will be colored differently so that you can see easily which word was wrong. ・Writing training(Typing) You can learn proper spelling of the phrase by writing training. The difference of the upper or lower case of the letter and punctuation marks like the period, comma and question are ignored. The requirement work is minimum because of this feature. ・App manages your acquirement degree of each phrases When you start training with the automatic mode, the lower degree phrase come out earlier. (After you train repeatedly for around one week, and an acquirement degree rises, its appearance becomes gradually infrequent) ・Output phrases Registered phrases are exported as CSV format(Phrase,Meaning,Memo) by executing the backup on the preference. ・Synchronize data between your Apple devices You can synchronize data between your Apple devices. (Preferences > Advanced > Synchronize with other devices: login, then “Sync now”) Devices which are enabled to synchronize are as follows. - Any Mac which has Phrasejoy and connected to the internet - iOS devices which has Phrasejoy ver1.0 or later and connected to the internet [Notice] ・You can't do the Pronounce training on the device which doesn't have voice dictation feature. ・Please feel free to send requests by using email address on the preference (General: Requests) if you have some suggestions.