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PickUpTheVoices is an audio player with various noise reduction processing. PickUpTheVoices make it easy to hear a voice by reducing a noise from a personal recording sound source. So, PickUpTheVoices is not a ‘HI-RESO’ player and The sound that PickUpTheVoices plays deteriorates a little than a source. — PickUpTheVoices's Noise reduction processing — - 2D Curtain Filter This processing gets the effect that block the sound such as closed a curtain. Kind of Filter mode -Pickup Left Close the right curtain and pick up a left-side sound. -Pickup Right Close the left curtain and pick up a right-side sound. -Pickup Center Close the curtain of right and left and pick up a sound of the center. -Cancel center Put a curtain on the center and silence the sound of the center. - Stationary reduction This processing reduce a constant noise such as the operating noise of the air-conditioner or power supply noise,etc. - Impulse reduction This processing reduce a Impulse noise such as the scratch noise of the analog record. - GraphicEQ Graphic equalizer of the Mac OS standard. — About In-App Purchase — When, up great by ‘In-App Purchase’ , it is enabled to begin to write* the result that gave noise reduction processing in m4a form. * real-time rendering and off-line export