Pirates! Showdown

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Pirates! Showdown is a fast-paced game combining real-time strategy(RTS) and defense tactics. The hit iOS game now available on the Mac store! 3rd place on list of best tablet games! Digital Trends "Seriously, this is a very cool game!" AndroidGameplay4You 5 Stars - Wickedly entertaining. A must have 5 Stars - Awesome. Most addicting game!!!! 5 Stars - Great game. Easy to play, many skill levels, totally entertaining. Face off against the fearsome Red Hand privateers in thrilling head-to-head pirate battles on the high sea! Capture towns and other structures to strengthen your defense and increase your gold supply. Capture your enemy's base to win, but make sure you are also defending your own base! 75 levels plus randomly generated maps in skirmish mode! INSTANT ACTION RTS! Fast paced gameplay with RTS and defense tactics without heavy resource management or the need to micro-manage units. WEIGH ANCHOR! Command your fleet of pirate ships as you send them to intercept the enemy pirates or lay siege to land targets. Send an armada of Brigantines or save your gold for a massive Ship of the Line! CAPTURE! Towns, guard towers, shipyards, lighthouses, mystical obelisks, and more can all be captured. Structures all have a unique purpose and will supply you with gold, attack your enemy, buff up you ships, allow you to launch more ships, etc. UPGRADE! Upgrade towns to increase gold production. Upgrade guard towers to increase their firepower and strengthen your defenses. STRATEGY! Will you aggressively capture towns to loot their gold or invest in the towns you have to increase their gold production? Wage a purely pirate ship battle or strengthen your defenses with upgraded guard towers? Find the right RTS strategy to beat each level. 75 UNIQUE LEVELS IN FOUR WORLDS! Combat the enemy in the tropical Caribbean then follow them into Hades in the River Styx world. And the Open Sea and Chaos Ocean worlds have the largest levels of all SKIRMISH MODE Two skirmish modes provide an infinite number of randomly generated maps ADJUSTABLE DIFFICULTY! Set the game to be as easy or as difficult as you want. Replay levels to beat them on harder difficulty levels