Pivot Analytics

OS X 10.9
Pivot Analytics App comes with a Powerful Pivot Table that lets you analyze your CSV or TSV data in Seconds. Pivot Analytics is very easy to use. It allows you to understand the detail behind the data better by comparing performance, identifying trends & issues allowing you to make good decisions quickly. Features - Easily summarize your data by dragging the columns to different sections of the pivot table and also re-arrange the columns as you wish and then export summarized reports. - Make concise summaries out of thousands of rows and columns of unorganized data in a simple format which is easily understandable. - Generate reports in an easy and efficient way and save long and strenuous hours that you may need to spend on creating reports manually. - Generate Heatmaps & Tree Maps from your data - Export TSV & HTML reports. - Calculate Sum, Averages, Median, Variance, Lower & Upper Percentiles - Find Minimum & Maximum Values from a dataset - Count items in a dataset and many other data analysis options