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Use PixCompare to search for duplicates or similar pictures in a large collection of picture files and folders. PixCompare Features - Find duplicate and similar pictures in a folder full of pictures - Move pictures directly to the trash folder - Display results as groups of similar pictures or as a list of similar pairs of pictures - Compare one picture to a folder of other pictures - Use macOS built-in Quicklook to display pictures in full size - Works best on photographic pictures, file formats supported: JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIF, HEIC, and most RAW files. - Search through up to 40,000 pictures - Display up to 5,000 results PixCompare can match two pictures even when: - one of them is grayscale - they don’t have the same size / aspect ratio - the contrast / intensity is different - they have a different pixel-depth - and when one of them is blurred or rotated Display results in two different result modes: - Grouped Mode: Result pictures are displayed in groups of similar pictures. - List Mode: Pairs of similar pictures are displayed in a list. The list is sorted by similarity score, i.e. the most similar pairs are at the top of the list.