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Compare UI mockup and developed result so easy as never before! Just place you mockup over you Application or Web Page to see difference. A lot of setting will make it ever easier for you. Pixel Perfect will very useful for any interface, web, application developers and even designers. Main features: - overlay semitransparent window for you mockup - adjustable transparency level - click-through window, for easier work (enjoy Interface Builder as never before) - SmartHide technology to show mockup only when it needed - hide animation for your mockup to see even 1 pixel difference - offset measurement Tips & Tricks: - to move window by 1 pixel - use arrows keys - to move window by 10 pixels - arrows with shift - to calculate offset - use Alt key while moving window with keys - if you are Web or iOS developer - try to turn on SmartHide for your web browser or iOS Simulator - if settings window hides so needed area - try to move it with Alt key More great features are coming!