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We naturally listen to songs in the order as they appear in the album. This application can make a playlist where the order of songs within an album is held. You can separate discs in an album if you want. You can also separate songs if you think it is appropriate. You may not want to listen to songs serially of an album with multiple discs. Disc 2 is sometimes completely different from disc 1. You may be bored to listen to songs in even a single disc. Some best albums may not be necessary to listen serially. They can be saved in iCloud and shared with other your devices (need internet connection). Playlists you made can be export in the iTunes format and can be imported into iTunes. You can listen to your songs in this application. Playlist and songs you already heard will saved. This application will try to search other albums in iTunes Store using artist's names in your playlists. No other information will be send via the internet.