PMenu - Personalized Menu...

OS X 10.11
PMenu, your Personalized Menu to boost your productivity. Create your Personalized Menu and quickly access your Files, Websites, Folders, Apps and more. KEY FEATURES: • Add as many files, folders, websites and apps that you would like to access quickly. • Sort files, folders, websites into Sections or submenus, for a even easier access. • Add files, folders, websites, apps with drag and drop or file picker. • Personalize the app that will process/open your folders or files. • Personalize the web browser that will open a website. • Define Keyboard shortcuts to open file, folder, app, website… • Files, folders, websites are presented with their respective icon. • Personalize menu item name. • Keyboard shortcut to open floating PMenu. • Choose whether the app starts at login or not. • Choose icon size. • Choose among 20 icons to personalize your menu bar icon. • VoiceOver ready. • And more…