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Poker Smoker is a home poker tournament manager like no other. It provides game management functionality and a poker clock for managing the blinds, including a sixty second shot clock, all that can be remotely controlled from your iPhone/iPod Touch. Plus, if you're playing Texas Holdem, it can even deal the cards for you... For remote control and card dealing functionality, download Poker Smoker Controller v2.0 from the app store. Benefits of Poker Smoker replacing an actual deck of cards: • No more bum deals due to players not handing their cards back to the dealer. • No more bum deals due to cards flipping over as they are dealt. • No more forgetting to burn a card. • No more hassle of having to gather all the cards after a hand. • No more picking cards off the ground cos someone can’t shuffle properly. • Play way more hands per hour. • No more confusion of who the button, small blind and big blind are. Poker Smoker keeps track of it for you. And more importantly: • Any player can take over the deal at any point in the hand as every phone has control of the deck of cards. Just a swipe left to deal the next round or a swipe right to start a new hand. So whoever is left in the hand can deal the next round. • Since your hole cards are now virtual cards on your phone, if you get knocked out of the tournament you have the option to rail the game. Railing a game allows you to view everybody’s cards as soon as they view them themselves. This, along with making the game more interesting when you’re knocked out, can be used to improve your reading skills and take your game to the next level. Optimum playing scenario: • Use your phones for hole card viewing and dealing. • Put an iPad in the centre of the table for viewing the community cards. The iPad can also be used for dealing (useful when two or more players are allin and showing down their cards). • Along with swiping your hole cards away to fold you should verbally declare a fold (the less one has to look at their phone the better the experience). • Use a physical dealer button (again, the less one has to look at their phone the better the experience). Again for remote control and card dealing functionality, just download "Poker Smoker Controller" from the app store.