Prepod – Broadcast PDF Slides

OS X 10.11
Broadcast a presentation to any device from your Mac simultaneously and wirelessly over local Wi-Fi. No Internet needed. Step One. Drag and drop the PDF you want to broadcast. Step Two. Show others the QR-code that they can scan and connect them to your presentation from any browser. Alternatively, they can manually enter the IP-address into a browser address bar. Boom! The current slide is on their screens now. When you change pages, all other connected devices instantly do the same. Imagine everyone in the room is watching your presentation in front of them, holding the slide in their hands – there is no need for glasses anymore or shutting out the lights. But you still can also display it seamlessly on one or more big external screens, too. Connect the Mac to a projector or just use AirPlay to show slides on the AppleTV. Clicker is supported too. The focus in the app is making the presentation simple, elegant, and intimate – and it does that well.