Presentation Font Embedder

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The only PowerPoint® font embedding solution for Mac® users. Includes not one, but two embedding methods! Presentation Font Embedder gives you the freedom to use the fonts that you want by attaching them to your presentation files for display everywhere. Users of PowerPoint 2011 and 2016 on Mac - push your slides to the maximum by setting the right tone and theme with fresh and exciting titles and texts to keep your audience engaged. A whole universe of special fonts is waiting to open up for you - just imagine the possibilities! For years, users switching over from Windows have been missing the Windows PowerPoint font embedding feature. Now, Presentation Font Embedder offers embedding not only with the Windows embedding method, but also with another completely new method exclusive for Mac users. Notes: • Password-free Microsoft Office 2007 and above presentations only. • The 'Editable' embedding method embeds TrueType® and OpenType®-TrueType fonts with embedding permissions only, and supports display on Windows, Android, and on Mac with Office 365 only. Some fonts may not embed using this method - see • The 'Universal' embedding method, which supports display on all platforms and embedding of all fonts, requires an up-to-date version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2011 or above installed. This app depends on support provided by PowerPoint for the Universal embedding method to work, and was tested to work with the most recent versions of PowerPoint at the time of the last app update. Beta versions of PowerPoint, also known as Insider previews, may work but are not supported.