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presenterCue can be used to rehearse timed speeches, group presentations, and manage meetings. It is a simple but useful tool to give presenters a clue about the time remaining for your speech. The simple interface allows fast setup, is designed for use with a touchscreen and gives you a good support to run a conference, meeting or presentation on schedule. • Countdown for speakers, presenters or shows • unlimited presets with 2 warning times, cost per hour and speaking time. • 12 presets for text messages • visualisation of the running speaking time on the bottom of the screen. • adding and subtracting time, while the countdown is running • "TimeShift" for adjusting the running time against the real time ( ± 25%) • flashing screen, when countdown finished. • showing the overdue time • showing "costs per minute", when being in overdue Please contact our team or visit our website for further information about a professional version which features multiple fullscreen displays - either locally or over network.