OS X 10.9
PrimariesExporter for Final Cut Pro X editors batch exports rendered clips or still images of rendered frames and creates a detailed metadata spreadsheet with thumbnails. Please watch this introduction video: IMPORTANT PRELIMINARY SETUP: In order to export your Final Cut Pro X project to PrimariesExporter you´ll have to add a new Shared Destination ( File > Share > Add Destination... > Export File ). Click the dropdown "Open with:" and choose "Other...". Navigate to the PrimariesExporter app, select it and click "Open". Now your Shared Destination is setup and you can export a project. APPLICATION TEAMWORK • Final Cut Pro X renders your whole project (or just a selected range of it) as a video file and PrimariesExporter creates separate videos, still images and a metadata list from it. • PrimariesExporter takes the tedious work out of exporting and importing XML files. It communicates directly with Final Cut Pro X using Shared Destinations. VIDEO EXPORT • Setup different Share Destinations and export small downscaled H264 or high resolution ProRes4444 XQ videos. • Export rendered clips with (synced) audio, color corrections and effects. • PrimariesExporter adds spotlight searchable "notes" and "keywords" metadata to the output video file. IMAGE EXPORT • Simply add markers to your clips to define a custom frame you wish to export. When no marker was added, ClipExporter uses the first frame of a clip. • Set a custom image size and choose an image format that fits perfectly into your workflow. METADATA LIST • Thumbnail • Save as HTML file or as Excel spreadsheet including thumbnails. • Edit metadata field before saving. • Supports the most common "studio" metadata fields. • Timeline timecode and source timecode included FUNCTIONALITY The free version process only 2 clips. By in-app purchase each functionality (video, image and list exporter) can be unlocked individually to process unlimited clips .