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If your browser is slow or clumpy, Privacy Protector is the solution! Privacy Protector is designed to give you a better Internet experience. It solves all your navigation problems and makes your Internet browsing safer, cleaner & faster. It cleans all the navigation history and other sensitive information to keep your Mac protected & clean. Privacy Protector will give you a better Internet experience by: • Making your browsers faster and your Internet navigation safer • Cleaning all the privacy threads from your browsers to protect your privacy • Removing all the browser add-ons and extensions that might hijack your navigation • Cleaning your browsers and don’t letting anyone know where you were surfing and what you were doing on your Mac • Disposing large and persistent cached Internet files. • Removing browser caches, logs, temporary files and many more Privacy Protector removes all the navigation history, cookies, temporary files and other sensitive information from all your browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox). Privacy Protector takes care to removes all the privacy threads & sensitive data to keep your personal information protected from any risk of identity theft. Protect your privacy and get a better Internet experience with Privacy Protector!