Professor Teaches for Excel 2016

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Professor Teaches Excel 2016 for Mac is a computer training program designed by experts to teach you the features of Microsoft Excel. Learn everything you need about this robust spreadsheet management software including managing, analyzing, and sharing data. Find out how to create spreadsheets quickly. Better than videos! Professor Teaches Excel 2016 provides hours of course material and training. Better than videos, the training takes place in a realistic simulation of the actual software. Learn more and retain more with interactive, hands-on training. What is Excel 2016? Developed by Microsoft, Excel 2016 will help you manage and analyze data. Excel is used for business and academic applications as a fast and effective way to organize, manage, analyze, and share data. Excel 2016 is the latest version of the program and provides powerful tools for this spreadsheet software. What Are the Benefits of Learning Microsoft Excel 2016? • Discover how to sort, filter, and enter formulas • Learn how to format spreadsheets • Learn how to create new charts and workbooks What You Will Learn in Professor Teaches Excel 2016 • Change cell alignment • Enter formulas • Format, analyze and share data • Identify important data trends • Enhance spreadsheets with charts and graphics • Add diagrams and graphics using SmartArt tools • And much more! Features of Professor Teaches Excel 2016 • Practice in a Realistic Simulation of the Software • Hundreds of Learning Topics • 4 to 8 Hours of Training per Course • Realistic Simulations • Beginner to Advanced Topics • Self-Paced Learning Objectives • Introductions and Summaries • Interactive Exercises • Professional Voice Narration • End-of-Chapter Quiz Questions • Check marks for Completed Topics • Glossary, Index, and Search • Professor Answers for Instant Training