Quick Info Bar

OS X 10.6
★★★ INTRODUCTORY PRICE FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY ★★★ This App can display the following information right in the menu bar: ★ The current calendar week ★ The day of the month ★ The day of the year ★ The current zodiac sign ★ A second time zone ★ A quick timer (Never be late for the next meeting anymore) How many times a day do you look up the current calendar week, day of the month or the time zone where your friends live in? True, this information normally is just a couple of clicks away, but over a month it really adds up. With the Quick Info Bar App all this information is available always right in your menu bar. Start saving lots of time today! the Quick Info Bar App is just a couple of clicks away :-) Personalize what will be displayed. If you just need the week number, only the week number will be displayed. Optional autostart functionality will start the App in the background when logging in. We listen to your feedback and will extend this application in the future with additional useful information.