Project Analyzer for Xcode 4

OS X 10.6
★ Count code lines + MUCH MUCH more? Project Analyzer for Xcode 4 is here! ★ ✔ Works in Lion ✔ Works with ANY VERSION of Xcode (even prior to 4) Drag'n'drop your Xcode Project folder (either a Mac OS X project or an iPhone/iOS one) into Project Analyzer for Xcode 4 and quickly view lots of necessary information : ✔ Overall structure of the project ✔ Total lines of code counter ✔ Number of code files / image files / XIB files ✔ Stats by file (lines of code, lines of code excluding whitespace, number of words, number of characters) - Filesize for images (to keep track of the overall project size) - overview of the different XIB files. All this in one place, with the ability to reload the stats once you perform any changes to the current project! Features : ✔ Ultra-intuitive, easy-to-use interface. ✔ Ideal for Developers who want to keep track of their work, easily and efficiently.