PROMT Offline Translator English Pack

OS X 10.8
TRANSLATE WITHOUT INTERNET! The PROMT Offline English Pack translates texts of any size from English into German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Russian and vice versa. Special mode "PROMT Agent" let you easily translate texts in apps and browsers on your Mac. FEATURES • Translation in two modes: - Classic two-window interface for translation of typed or pasted text; - Instant translation of selected text with a hotkey; • Text-to-Speech button; • Built-in dictionaries: Business, Private letters, Travel, Sport, Medicine, Computers; • 6 English pairs are already included (German-English-German, French-English-French, Spanish-English-Spanish, Russian-English-Russian, Italian-English-Italian, Portuguese-English-Portuguese); • Additional language pairs are available through in-app purchases (German-Russian-German, Spanish-Russian-Spanish and French-Russian-French). =========== TOP REASONS TO DOWNLOAD PROMT: • Translating without Internet Type or paste copied texts and translate them directly in PROMT Offline Translator without any Internet connection. • Translating texts of any volume PROMT Offline Translator translates single words, whole phrases and even texts. And all that is done taking into account the context, grammar and idioms! • Translating in third-party programs Simply select a word or a text fragment. Then click a hot key: Command= (Cmd=). Translation immediately appears in a pop-up window of PROMT Offline Translator. Get fast translations directly in browsers (Safari and Chrome), Microsoft Word 2011, iBooks and other programs that support OS X Services. Now you don’t need to switch between applications and waste your time! • Setting the hotkey as you wish The standard combination is Command= (Cmd=), but you can always change it. To do that, choose Services - Services Preferences in the app’s main menu, then find PROMT Translator and set a new combination. • Built-in dictionaries The translator contains a big universal dictionary and several domain-specific dictionaries: Business, Private letters, Sport, Travel, Medicine and Computers. Choose the appropriate topic and get the exact translation of sports news, software instructions and manuals, scientific articles and many other types of texts. Domain "Medicine" is available only in 2 pairs: Russian-English-Russian (available in basic app) and Russian-German-Russian (additional pair through in-app purchases). • Extra languages With PROMT Offline you get 7 popular languages for high-quality translation from and into English. Additional languages: German-Russian-German, Spanish-Russian-Spanish, French-Russian-French can be acquired through in-app purchases. =========== GIVE US A REVIEW Please take 10 seconds of your time to write us a review. We love to read your candid comments. HELP&SUPPORT If you have any questions related to the app, please contact us at We are always ready to help you. We can't comment on questions posted in reviews. For more information, visit our web-site: About PROMT PROMT is a world leading provider of machine translation solutions for mobile devices, personal computers and servers. Company’s products received numerous awards from leading computer magazines and are used in many Russian and international companies (Amadeus, Lukoil, TripAdvisor, PayPal) and by millions of users worldwide.