Window Focus – Dim Screen

OS X 10.8
Window Focus is a super useful and beautiful app that helps you focus on what’s important. The app highlights the current working window and dims all the others in the background. If you want to concentrate on a task at hand on your Mac, Window Focus is an absolutely essential app. By highlighting the window you are currently working on and have open, all other background windows are dimmed, which minimizes the distraction they cause and helps boost your productivity. KEY FEATURES: - Highlight the current app window that you have open - Dim all apps and windows in the background - Adjust the overlay tint colour to any colour of your choice - Control overlay opacity level using an adjuster scale - Ability to highlight either the single window within an app that you have open, or all windows within that app and dimming every other app’s windows that are open in the background - Disable dimming for specific apps via app exceptions in preferences BENEFITS: - Be able to improve your focus on the window that you have open - Heightened productivity - Reduced distraction from flashing images, chats, colours, multiple open windows etc in the background