Quick Favorites

OS X 10.6
◆◆◆ ON SALE FOR A LIMITED TIME: 50% OFF ◆◆◆ Quick Favorites - Easy access your Favorites Quick Favorites is a flexible and easy to use app that allow you to access your Finder's Favorites and it's sub folders and files. Quick Favorites lives in your menubar and allows you to browser all your favorites and it's sub folders quickly. Whenever you require access to these files and folders, simply click on the menubar icon and select the item from the dropdown list. Quick Favorites can auto update to the newest favorites after you change them in Finder. So you can always organize the favorites when you need. You can delete item and move them up and down. ◆◆◆ Bug Fix & Feature Request ◆◆◆  We love to hear your feedback. Please remember, we cannot reply to your comments in the Mac App Store. If you have a question, please contact us through our support mail. Thank you! support@cokesoft.com