Quincey Quokka’s Quest

OS X 10.7
Quincey Quokka's Quest: An Interactive eBook to Support Children's Cognitive Development Follow Quincey Quokka's Quest to make his way back home to his Mum and Dad. Along the way he must cross many Australian habitats and encounter many colourful creatures, but not all of them want to help Quincey. But you can. Through this book children help Quincey through a series of activities that require them to remember, control their actions and exert control over their thinking. In doing so, children gain valuable experience in support of their cognitive development. This app is an interactive ebook version of Quincey Quokka's Quest, which allows children to continue interacting with the book even if an adult reader is not available. Complete with character voices and animations, Quincey's world is now as immersive as ever! Quincey Quokka's Quest was first developed as a picture book to support children's cognitive development. The abilities it aims to foster have been shown to play an essential role in setting the stage for a broad range of outcomes in later life (e.g., school readiness, academic achievement, social and emotional competence). Quincey Quokka's Quest aims to promote the development of these abilities, giving children the best possible start to life. Quincey Quokka's Quest has been featured by numerous media outlets (e.g., ABC News, WIN News). It is also the subject of peer-reviewed research published in Educational Psychology Review, as well as ongoing research, which outlines its benefits. For further information, visit www.quinceyquokka.com