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Qwaz Audio was developed by a french journalist and software developer to accelerate manual transcription of voice interviews into text. In reducing the audio recording speed to the typing velocity, the application suppress the numerous pause/rewind/play cycles that waste time and is boring. Thanks to its advanced sound processing technology, Qwaz Audio maintains the original voice pitch to get the best conditions during transcription. The application offer many features to help people transcribe with a maximum efficiency, such as Automatic rewind on pause —to be ready to restart in the best conditions—, audio markers insertion, etc. Qwaz Audio can be use next to any word processor. Once settings are made, all commands can be performed using key-equivalents to prevent from using the mouse and save time again. Design with journalists and social scientists in mind, Qwaz Audio is also essential to musicians, to assist them in ear music transcription into scores! Qwaz is also available on iOS, for iPhone & iPad.