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Rip (Record) your favourite internet radio stations and automatically separate the songs with few clicks. The songs are recorded directly to your disk without any use of your sound card, so it's lossless recording! They're also split and tagged with ID3v1 and/or v2 tags automatically according to radio station's metadata. Just have ready the station's URL or playlist file (pls or m3u). The songs are located into your Music folder, so you can do whatever you like with them! Over 20 optional ripping and split options are provided. You may rip more than one radios simultaneously (it depends only on your bandwidth). Now you can use any of the hundreds iTunes Radios! Enjoy your favorite radio station's music offline, anytime! IMPORTANT: Please keep in mind that the URL that you provide for recording (ripping) MUST be a URL that points to a radio station's audio server such as shoutcast and icecast. M3U and PLS Files that are downloaded from a radio station site in order to be listened via audio players (iTunes, VLC, etc) will also work. Web Sites' URLs will not work since they are just web sites, so do not complain.