OS X 10.9
Having troubles getting JPEGs from Fujifilm RAW files? You will never need to shoot RAW + JPEG again. Just 2 easy steps: 1) Drag or Select a batch or one Fujifilm RAF photo to convert RAW image to JPG Fuji-film RAF file format already includes JPEG file inside. Our proprietary technology extracts JPG previews from RAW Fujifilm RAF image files. 2) Save JPG preview files to selected folder. That’s it! Join thousands of users who choose our RAF to JPG mac converter for: • Instant extraction of JPG. No need to wait hours of RAW convert to full-size JPG from scratch • High quality of previews. You get exactly what your camera shoot, not third-party software processing results • Metadata copy. Resulting JPEG file will include same EXIF Metadata as the original file • Saving space. You don’t need to shoot RAW + JPG anymore Note: This program is designated ONLY for Fuji cameras and support only Fuji RAF files.