Reaction Time Tests for Science

OS X 10.6.6
This app contains a battery of visual and auditory reaction-time tests that have been designed for use primarily by researchers and teachers within the fields of motor learning and psychology. The current tests within this app can be used with a touch screen e.g. phone or tablet, or with a mouse on a computer. The tests currently include simple reaction-time tests (1 colour or sound only), a range of choice-reaction tests with two, three or four colours, a discrimination test requiring the participant to only react to stimuli of a particular colour, and two variations of priming tests. Colours have now been updated to suit people with colour vision deficiencies and a new compatible vs incompatible testing mode has been added. The tests are suitable for use in the classroom with simple outputs that the students can easily compare their reaction times across each of the different tests/difficulties. This app is under continuing development and will be updated depending on the needs of researchers and teachers, so if you would like any additional protocols, additional data outputs or other modifications, please email and I will update the app accordingly.