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SunnyDesk is a unique new game based on the classic sliding game. The game consists of 9 puzzle areas with one passage between them and 80 puzzle pieces. The object of the game is to place the puzzle pieces in order by sliding them using the empty space. How to play (1): • Press “Play” to mix up puzzle pieces. The number of moves to mix them is displayed in the first part of the counter “Move”. • Move puzzle pieces to place them in order. The number of your moves is displayed in the second part of the counter “Move”. How to play (2): • Press “Init” to place puzzle pieces in order. • Move puzzle pieces to create a new pattern. For example: Place all puzzle pieces with number “1” into first area, all with number “2” into second area,… . Features: • 2 difficulty levels (Hard/Easy). • You can save the state of the game so you can continue whenever you want. • Move puzzle pieces with the arrow keys. “SunnyDesk” - the game with a new idea