Recorder Controller

OS X 10.8
Recorder Controller can control multiples BlackMagic Design HyperDeck Studio or Studio Pro. You can send simple commands, records with custom clips name and more. Features : Send simple commands (Play, Stop, Record, Fast forward, Rewind) Use custom record clips name with patterns for each devices Monitor all your recorders Display transport, slots, configurations, disk, formats informations Copy configuration from a Device to all others with one single click Monitoring : Recorder Controller monitor your devices for you : All your device stay recording Recorder Controller relaunch record if your device stop If auto-relaunch is not working, Recorder Controller alert you with an alarm If you want, you can mute this alarm Remaining time alert Customs alert when start or stop recording or playing How to use : Connect your HyperDeck to your Mac network Set IP on your devices Add a new device on Recorder Controller (Cmd + N), enter the IP address and the name Recorder Controller works with 4.1 firmware or newer.