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Get a reminder with your own personal assistant.Reminder Plus comes with various assistants like birds, cat, Penguin, Monkey, kitten and many more who give you a unique experience while reminding you of the important events. For example : if you select the singing bird, the reminder screen will come up with the Bird assistant with a sweet bird's singing sound. All the characters are live and they have their own movements. Each assistant will have his own different voice and music. Not only this, you could also set your own music or sound of choice as a reminder alert. The app also comes with an advanced feature of "Missed Reminders". This feature is very helpful when the computer was turned off or was in sleep state during the reminder time. This feature makes sure that all important Reminders are delivered to you when the computer is turned on or wakes up from sleep state. The application comes with Daily,Weekly,Monthly and Date based reminders.Using these flexible options, you could setup the reminder in many useful ways. For example : You could set the daily time to pickup the kids from the school, set time to take pills regularly, set the payment dates, set someone's birthdate, set appointment time and many more. Below are a few practical usage of the application : - Set the daily time to pickup the kids from the school - Set a Reminder for your office meetings and important conference calls. - Medication – Never forget to take the medication. Just create a daily reminder to help you do just that. - Set the Anniversary Reminders,Birthday Reminders, to do Task Reminders, Phone Call Reminders and Bills Reminders. - Customize each reminder with your own assistants. Use the assistant's voice or set your own specific ring tone, song or Music for each reminder. - Create a list of tasks to take care of your daily chores with ease. - Anniversaries – Never forget about the important anniversaries. Create a recurring reminder for each special date. - Birthdays – It could be very difficult to remember the Birthdays of all of your friends, relatives and Family members.Just set all of their birthdays in the application and the application will make sure that you never miss that birthday. - Plan your events in advance with Reminder Plus. Create the informative reminders easily, and be assured you will never miss a thing.