Renamer – Professional Mass File Renamer

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Renamer is a professional tool to mass rename multiple files at a time, created to be powerful and at the same time easy to use. With a simple interface users can add multiple filters and different rules to rename files. Renamer is packed with 70+ (and growing) rules/filters that can be added in sequence to create special rename templates. Examples of use: • remove spaces from file names • add date and time at the end of the file name • remove unreadable characters • sort files by creation time and add a number sequence • make all letters UPPERCASE or LOWERCASE Main features: • Professional renaming program • Load / Save templates created from the app • 70+ different rules/filters • Add / remove / replace strings • Change text position • Split / Reorder strings • Tags • Media metadata • Date & time • Different sort methods • Sequences • Regular expressions • Characters • Extensions • Much more! • Highly configurable • Simple, minimalist and intuitive interface • Save a custom filter list for future use / Load a custom filter file • Rename files, directories and items in subdirectories NOTE: because of OS X Sandbox, it may be necessary to confirm you want to open some folders that are not accessible to the app. Once done, it shouldn't be necessary anymore.