Resume & CV Templates for MS Word

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Impress with your resume. Get a better job! Resume & CV Templates for MS Word will help you create impressive and professional resumes in minutes. Stand out from the rest, look professional and communicate your skills like never before. Top Features: + Choose from 60 layouts Our app has the highest number of resume and CV templates on the App store! + Use for any job application Resume templates cover education, business, marketing, arts, IT, public services and many other job positions. + Easy, flexible & quick to use Simply add text, drag and drop images, manipulate shapes and change colors. + Maximize your chances of getting an interview HR professional approved templates; drafted by our top graphic designers. + Save your resume in popular formats You can save your resume in .pdf, .doc, and .docx formats. Don’t waste your valuable time trying to format a good-looking resume/CV. Download Resume & CV Templates for MS Word today and create a professional & beautiful resume in minutes. * Resume & CV Templates for MS Word requires Microsoft Word for Mac 2011, or later.