Retaliation Enemy Mine

OS X 10.6
Welcome to Retaliation: Enemy Mine; the latest installment in the Retaliation series. Retaliation is a video game series based on an original board game, designed to offer challenging tactical and strategic reasoning in a fast, easy and funny format. The game is easy to learn, but hard to master, making it suitable for both casual players and wintered strategists. The game is played in a turn-based format on a hexagonal playing field, in both single player (against a kick-ass AI) or multiplayer (up to 6 players). AI with a PhD in rocket science A gazillion random maps 21 different terrains to influence your tactical decisions Wide variety of game modes Terrain generator Ability to forge and break alliances Modding-ready MULTIPLAYER Retaliation Enemy Mine activation steps (required for online multiplayer play): 1. Register a Retaliation account, if you haven't one already, through the forums interface. 2. Login to the game server with your account credentials. 3. Click on "Game activation", then copy and paste the Retaliation Activation Key (that was emailed to your email address when you bought the game) and press the "Activate Game" button. 4. Enter your account credentials in the game/app (Multiplayer menu > Setup > User & Password) Note: in case for some reason you didn't receive your Activation Key when you purchased the game, please contact and we'll resend it to you.