RF Nature Image Collection

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Give your creations a natural look. Let your projects come alive with images of nature. Embellish your projects using every artistic style imaginable from sharp photo realism to cartoon whimsy, and even buttons and fabrics. With more than 1,000 beautiful images, the Nature Image Collection is a must-have addition for your image library. • Over 1,000 clip art images from nature • Artistic styles from realism to cartoons and everything in between • All royalty free and suitable for business and personal use Find just the images you need for all of your scrapbooks, invitations, brochures or other keepsake project creations. Take a sneak peek at all the nature images this premium clip art collection contains. Animal Kingdom Be inspired by safari jungle animals, north woods wildlife, domesticated animals, sea animals and more. Noah's ark couldn't hold this huge assortment of furry friends: • Safari: Monkeys, Elephant, Hippo, Giraffe, Zebra and Rhino • North Woods: Moose, Ferret, Bears, Mice and Paw Prints • Domesticated: Cows, Sheep, Lambs, Horses, Pigs, Rabbits, Cats and Dogs • Sea Animals: Seal and Walrus • More Bears: Teddy Bear, Pandas and Kangaroos Plants, Plants and More Plants From hard wood forest to wild flowers to fungi, you'll find the plant you were looking for in the Nature Image Collection. • Water Plants: Coral, Seaweed and Lily Pads • Edible Plants: Berry Bushes, Fruits, Herbs and Mushrooms • Hardwood: Trees, Stumps and Pine cones • Other Plants: Vines, Grasses, Flowers, Branches and Wreathes Birds by the Flock Find crows, owls, storks, yellow ducky and chick, mallard, sparrow, flamingo, penguin, pelican, parrot, roosters, and other fine feathered friends. Bugs and Insects Pick from an assortment of beetles, spiders, bees, flies, butterflies, dragonflies, worms, snails, caterpillars, ladybugs and more. Reptiles Put a bit of reptile magic into your creations with frogs, turtles, snakes, alligators, geckos, dinosaur and more. Boat Loads of Fish Reel in a creative catch of crabs, whales, dolphins, star fish, jelly fish sharks, sting ray, octopus, orca/killer whale, sea horse and other aquatic life. Other Animal Things Nature knows no bounds in the additional images you will discover in the Nature Image Collection. Personalize your projects with nature inspired images, including fishing hat, jacket, ladder, nets, jars, lanterns, tea pot, pliers, car, feed bowls, sea shells, fish bowl, sand castles, bird houses, bird cage, nests, sun, clouds, numbers and people. And definitely be sure to check out our other clip-art collections, all ROYALTY-FREE! These themed packages all work well with Print Shop and PrintMaster, and will help you elevate all of your projects to ART! • Creativity Collection Holidays and Celebrations • Creativity Collection Fall Festivals • Creativity Collection Birthdays • Creativity Collection Winter Wonders • Creativity Collection Memories and Milestones • Creativity Collection Weddings • RF Premium Fireworks Image Collection • RF Premium Home & Garden Image Collection • RF Premium School Image Collection • RF Premium Holidays & Celebrations Image Collection • RF Premium Scrapbooking Image Collection • RF Premium Travel & Adventure Image Collection • RF Premium Recreation Image Collection • RF Premium Seasons Image Collection • RF Premium Patterns and Backgrounds Image Collection - Gold Edition • RF Complete Premium Art Collection - Platinum Edition • RF Complete Creative Memories Premium Art Collection - Platinum Edition