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Imagine a Dock that doesn't get in the way. One place for your favorite Apps, Files and Folders that's always at hand. A Dock that responds to Trackpad Gestures and Keyboard Shortcuts: Introducing Ring Menu. - A dynamic circular menu around your mouse cursor that can be accessed from anywhere - Easily add Apps, Files and Folders via Drag and Drop - Use Keyboard Shortcuts or Trackpad Gestures to access the menu any time - See at a glance which Apps are currently running and switch between them Get it now! "Simplicity and functionality perfectly combined in one useful and user-friendly utility" - Softpedia "App of the Day" - iTopnews "Recommended App" - Back to the Mac "An optimal alternative to the Dock" - danshihack "Ring Menu boldly goes where no Mac app launcher has gone before." - Mac360 "It's great on smaller displays where the Dock might get in the way." - Lifehacker