Road Tripper Pro

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Road Tripper Pro (was Road Tripper) is the perfect app for travelers, salespeople, trucking companies, and couriers. Organize your trip on Apple Maps! Add the places you wish to visit! Add a place by right-clicking on the map, or search points of interest and add them to your trip. Red pins will be dropped for the search results. Click a result pin to see details - including reviews from Yelp. For each place, customize markers and add details easily. Add a name, description, arrival and departure date, URL, phone number, and address. By car, walking, or direct Distances and estimated travel times Share your trips: With friends and family, other iOS devices, or with yourself for backup With other users of Road Tripper for Mac, iOS Road Tripper! (with Apple Maps) or iOS Road Tripper (with Google Maps) iCloud integration via the Action menu: Export to iCloud Import from iCloud