RSS Ticker for Google Reader

OS X 10.6
RSS Ticker is a lightweight RSS Reader for your desktop which can sync with Google Reader. It lets you keep an eye on news anytime and it provides variety of settings for customizing the ticker. Start picking your favorite feeds by today and RSS Ticker will deliver news to you! Key Features: ◆ Sync with Google Reader[optional] ◆ Using OAuth authentication ◆ Ticker View and List View. ◆ Search Keywords on Item's Title. ◆ Shuffle Items. ◆ Preview each item without leaving the app ◆ Built-in Article Viewer. ◆ Multiple Feeds Support. ◆ Easily share any items on Facebook, Twitter and others. ◆ Export / Import of feed list (OPML) from other apps. ◆ Star Items on interesting news. ◆ Show unread item count in Dock Icon. ◆ Beautiful, yet simple user interface that comes to life. Customizable Appearance and Settings: ◆ Opacity / Font Size and Color of Ticker and Item List. ◆ Time Format (24/12 hours). ◆ Ticker Scrolling Speed. (Speed up by hovering cursor on arrow icon of ticker) ◆ Auto Fade out. Much more: ◆ Auto Hide under menu bar. (Show again by hovering cursor on menu bar) ◆ Always on top. ◆ Show in All spaces. ◆ Auto Start at Login. ◆ Auto Refresh. ◆ Expand ticker to screen's max width by double clicking Ticker's left/right handle. ◆ Read content in internal/external browser. ◆ Easily drag and resize the ticker.