Scales Lexicon

OS X 10.10
Over 100 scales, modes, and thaats played for you in your selected rhythm and tempo. Notated in Treble, Alto, Tenor, or Bass clef for instruments in Ab, Eb, Bb, F, C, G, D, A, and E. Play along on your transposing instrument. While playing, the Notation animates the written pitches while the Piano animates the concert pitches. Playback variations include looping, repeating first and/or last notes, including a variable rest (in tempo) between repetitions. Set a 2 or 4 beat count-off (or none). Play a scale in 1 to 5 octaves range, 2 octaves below and above the written octave. Easily share or save the written scales as a png image. (ie: to Facebook, Twitter, Messages, AirDrop, Email, etc.) A quick and easy reference tool for practicing your instrument. Broaden your knowledge and technique.