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This application quickly displays REScanData + SHURE Wireless Workbench 6 scan data files. Scan Viewer can: • Display multiple scan data sets • Zoom into the scan data set & navigate easily • Change the color of a scan data set • Calculate a combined plot of selected scan data sets • Print out the view • Export the scan data to different file types Scan Viewer imports: • *.REScanData files (UHFRControl) • *.SDB files (SHURE Wireless Workbech 6 - old format) • *.SDB2 files (SHURE Wireless Workbech 6 - new format) Scan Viewer exports: • *.REScanData files (UHFRControl) • *.SDB2 files (SHURE Wireless Workbech 6 - new format) IMPORTANT NOTES: • The number of simultaneous displayed data sets depends on your Macs speed. • Although well tested - this application remain a piece of software: rockbaby engineering will not take any responsibility for any issues that may occur using Scan Viewer.