Scanning Slideshow

OS X 10.7
Display an image show with a feature that no almost other software has- the ability to update the slideshow images as it's running! When new images are put into the folder, the slideshow will automatically register the new images and show the new ones. Other software only registers the images in a folder when the show starts - any new images are not recognized, so you must then stop the show, and then add images, and then restart the show. Scanning Slideshow sees each new image as it goes into the folder! Photographers can show images as they shoot during an event, if the camera and computer are wirelessly connected. Any computer with access to the watched slideshow folder can add files and see the new images in the image rotation right away. You can shoot a live event and project photos onto a screen near-real time. Use Scanning Slideshow to show new images as you shoot! -Weddings -Parties -Corporate Events -Client Photo shoots -Fashion Photography See a video demonstration at: