SceneFileMaker for DVX200

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Now you can finally mix and match individual Scene’s from several DVX200 SceneFiles to build your own custom SceneFile's. SceneFileMaker is a tool for professionals who want easy scene management. It lets you pick six Scene's from two different SceneFile's and build a new custom SceneFile that contains Scene's from both, plus you can put them in any order you like. No need to key numbers into the LCD panel by hand, no risk of corrupting SceneFiles on your SD card trying to edit scene data manually. Panasonic's 4K cinema camcorder features six Scene look memories that can be backed up or loaded from SD cards. Unfortunately if you want to replace a Scene with one authored by someone else, you'll have to manually key those values in using the camcorder's LCD screen or keep everything on separate SD cards and swap them out whenever you need to change looks. Likewise, individual Scene's can't be copied, moved, or loaded within the camera. SceneFileMaker's interface emulates a 2 ME switcher + Line buss. Load a SceneFile into the "A" buss and icons appear representing its six Scene's. You can now consolidate and reorder your Scene's by clicking them onto the "C" buss in any order you like. When "C" is full your new SceneFile is created for you ready to load back into the camcorder. Optionally, you can load a second SceneFile into "B" so you can mix it up by choosing Scene's from two different SceneFile's. SceneFileMaker emerged from a need to be able to quickly and reliably manage camera looks without distracting the filmmaker from the creative process or risk loss of scene data. Whenever someone releases a new look you like, you can easily add it to your existing SceneFile. It's really as easy as 1, 2, 3: Load your SceneFile's, select your favorite Scene's, make your new custom SceneFile!